1 9 7 2D U C A T I7 5 0 GT

This beautiful 1972 750 GT came in for repair work and some "up-grades". Unfortunately the motor had recieved extensive work that had not been done well at all...

The motor had been fitted with desmo heads and electronic ignition, however the rotor in the distributor had been fitted backwards and it is a miracle that it ran at all... if it indeed did... I've found owners are notoriously creative with the facts when describing what they believe to be the condition of their bike.

The transmission dropped out of gear and the kickstart shaft seal didn't. Which meant that the motor was coming apart. We found it had an incorrect clutch basket which was wearing the case and didn't help it perform properly either. We replaced the clutch basket with a correct one, and rebuilt and re-shimmed the transmission. We also replaced both cylinder sleeves which had been over-bored and matched them to a set of new Ross Racing pistons with Deves rings.

At the owners request Del Orto carbs were installed to replace the original Amals. Valve spring heads were refitted to simplify valve adjustment, since there was no advantage to be gained from the desmo heads with 32mm carbs installed, and the owner wanted a bike that would be easy to live with, not a racer. We rebuilt a spare set of heads that the owner had by replacing the valves, guides, and seats, and re-shimming for correct clearances. We make our own seats in house from C630 Aluminium Bronze.

Once all the motor work was completed we had the devil of a job trying to time the ignition... until we found the reversed rotor, and the cut pick-up wire that was shorting as a result. We replaced the ignition with a new Dyna S unit (with the rotor installed correctly) some original style cloth braided spark plug wires, to complete the look, and she fired up first kick.

Another request was to upgrade the braking system, which we did by converting it to a dual disc set up. 4 bolt drilled discs were fitted, with AP Lockheed racing callipers to maintain the vintage look. The brake lines were replaced with custom steel braided, sheathed in black, to maintain a period appearance.

The forks were fitted with RaceTech Gold Valve emulators and Ikon rear shocks were installed to upgrade the ride quality. The rear wheel had been damaged at some point in the bike's life so we sourced a replacement Borani rim and re-laced both wheels with stainless steel spokes. A few bits were rechromed to bring them upto snuff and then the bike was crefully cleaned and re-assembled.

The only thing we didn't manage to do was to replace the missing right side seat trim. Hard to find... and the owner wanted the bike back before I could... next time maybe. I am happy with the bike, it starts easily and runs perfectly, rides smoothly, stops surely with nice feel, and looks beautiful... and the owner is best pleased, so we'll call it a success :-)